Scottcopters of course flies UAVs. We can arrange fully certified UAV/drone operators to speak with you, assess your needs, assist in applying for permits to fly and post-production editing services or production of 3D models created from telegrammetry drones. Scottcopters has contacts for over 80 local Hong Kong, Asian and European certified pilots of varying skill levels and technical abilities to match your needs and budget. The following are but a few of our services:

Quantity Surveying and 3D mapping
Scottcopters believes in partnering with industry-leading entities to further the UAV market. For example we consult with Hong Kong’s leading drone surveyor for complex inspection and 3D mapping and 3D modelling work. They employ qualified BNUC-S and CDP-C pilots with great experience and they can develop and produce othomosaics and visual elevation models from drone-captured aerial images. Scottcopters leverages the power of remote aerial technology to bring you the most advanced and up-to-date land and structural surveying systems and applications available.

Power line inspections
Utilising a FLIR infrared camera to identify hot spots and both 4K Ultra High Definition video and high resolution still photographs for inspectors and engineers.

Commercial shipping
Short online commercials are essential for shipping companies, since the recent economic and shipping downturn, This enhances survival, as demand for shipping decreases. Ships travelling at speed and when loading at ISPS ports are particularly technical to film. Shipping companies need every edge they can get so these are proving popular.  You can also incorporate land-based photography to augment these videos.

Algal bloom & agricultural surveys
Using normal cameras and FLIR agricultural grade cameras to highlight the extent and severity of algal blooms on water gathering grounds, reservoirs or fishponds as well as detecting sick plants in large acreages.

Aerial cinematography for Cinema and Television

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