Scottcopters consults as an independent counsellor on all UAV issues, both technical and regulatory.

Scottcopters advises Government Departments, organisations and the construction industry entities on issues as diverse as crop analysis, radio detection, communication relays, aerosol dispensing, ECM, rogue pilot identification, drone evidence compilation and analysis, structure & power line inspection, thermal tracking of humans and animals, 3D mapping, medical supply drops, RF monitoring, aerial observation, border and perimeter patrol, aerial photography, UAV recognition, relief flights, situational assessment, remote object recovery, surveillance, tracking, validation, video, delivery of non-lethal ordnance, anti-drone system experimentation and new Yagi focussed-antenna design and production.

In addition, the operational capabilities of various drone systems and payloads, as well as anti-drone systems - both physical and ECM (including obtaining radio permits), cyber security measures, data processing, geo-fencing/geo-caging, and other new products and technologies. ​


Association of Hong Kong Aerial Filming is Hong Kong's premier association of UAV pilots involved in TV and Film. Notables such as Alex Cheung of Shaw Brothers and Golden Harvest Studios fame, working with Bruce Lee and having made over 84 feature films, form part of the membership as well as producers, directors and Directors of Photography and aerial cameramen from local TV station TVB. There are stunt coordinators, search and rescue organization members and hobby pilots and designers; as well as dealers and manufacturers. Currently the membership stands at well over 6,000 and the depth and breadth of experience-sharing is staggering. This is not found anywhere else in the world; that being the nature of Hong Kong's eclectic film industry. Scottcopters was honoured to be appointed as the AHKAF Consultant adviser for 2017 in a ceremony in January 2017 by the organizer Tommy Tong.


Liaison with National Aviation Authorities

In 2015 Angus delivered Scottcopters’ first UAV presentation to the Hong Kong CAD UAS Regulatory Authority and senior staff on international regulatory development with a focus on ensuring safe flying activities in the Hong Kong SAR. Most recently in May 2017, Angus delivered a detailed briefing to the Netherlands consultants who are drafting Hong Kong’s new UAS specific legislation, for the HKCAD), to be expected in 2018. Support and engagement with the regulator and keeping abreast of legislative changes is essential in managing your operations. Scottcopters is closely monitoring the progress of the anticipated Spring 2018 UAS legislative amendments Bill and how this will affect industry and trade association members. 

Public Speaking
Angus delivers grand keynote and keynote speeches at conferences; most recently the Milipol Asia conference in Singapore in April 2017, Grand Keynote Speech at the World Unmanned Systems Conference 2016, Sheraton Shenzhen and the Second UAV Conference of China at the Nanshan Marriott in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China, 2016. Many trade associations; manufacturers, regulators and commercial end-users engage Scottcopters to source information and direction in this fast-moving and developing industry.

Writing and Reviews
Scottcopters also writes articles for online magazines. We conduct drone reviews, look at camera platforms, agricultural rigs from DJI’s new Agras MG-1 to Yamaha’s helicopter systems in wide use in Japan. We also conduct test flights of 250-size racing drones and write about their characteristics to better inform people getting safely and quickly into drone racing.

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