This is a course comprising printed and online study materials, two days of Ground School (theory) training, our review and feedback for your Operations Manual (OM), and a practical Flight Operations Assessment (FOA).

PART 1 - Preparatory Study
Once you have enrolled on the course we will send to you a
Course Handbook in your choice of either English or Chinese. This covers all the subjects in the theory side of the course. You will also be given access to the UAV Academy Online Student Portal where you will find additional background reading and a library of past examination questions.

PART 2 – Ground School
You will spend two days in a classroom with a highly experienced instructor. The subjects studied during the two days cover Hong Kong air law and regulations, as well as the course contents listed below. You will need a good knowledge in all of these subjects as this is considered by the authorities to be a requirement to ensure safe UAV operations complying with regulations. At the end of the two days you will sit a Multiple Choice Examination. There are 50 questions, for each question you have to pick the correct answer from 4 possible answers; there will only be one correct answer. The course is delivered in English and is structured and delivered so as to ensure that you have the required knowledge to pass the exam by the time you come to sit it!

Course Contents

Air Law and Responsibilities
Airspace – Operating Principles
Aircraft Knowledge
Human Factors
Airmanship and Aviation Safety
Planning and Operating Procedures
Planning Scenarios
Theory Examination
Preparing for your Practical Test

PART 3 – Operations Manual (OM) Submission and Review
Time will be spent during the Ground School to explain to you what is required for you to write your Operations Manual. This is a very important document and it is crucial that you are familiar with the contents. You will be provided with a comprehensive template, which takes almost all of the pain out of writing your Operations Manual. Once you have tailored the template manual to reflect your operation and the procedures you intend to follow, you submit the draft for review.

PART 4 – Flight Operations Assessment (FOA)
Everything you have learnt in Ground School and the procedures you set out in your Operations Manual (OM) come together for the last part of the course, which is a Flight Operations Assessment (FOA). This will take the form of a notional client request for Aerial Work. You will be sent a client brief, with details about the location and what you are being asked to do. You will agree a date for your FOA with your Examiner and then will need to demonstrate to the Examiner that you are capable of operating, using the procedures set out in your Operations Manual. You must further demonstrate that you, as Pilot-in-Command, have the flying skills necessary to conduct the flight competently and safely, whilst operating within the rules and regulations laid down by the HKCAD.

At some point during your FOA you will have to deal with a couple of simulated emergencies which will be given to you by the Examiner. You will also need to demonstrate to your Examiner that you are capable of flying your aircraft without GPS position hold (ATTI or Manual Mode).

It is highly recommended that pilots have their own third party liability insurance covering the requirements of the relevant legislation.

As from April 2018, ​Part 4 FOA is to be taken within 6 months of 1st attempt at Part 2 theory exam and after having had OM approved.

If you hold a UK, Australian or US Pilots Licence
If you hold a PPL, CPL or ATPL, provided that it has been ‘current’ since 1 January 2010, you are exempt from having to attend the theory part (Ground School) of the course. This option is called the ‘Abbreviated Course’. You will be give access to the Online Learning System and sent the Course Handbook for self study. Later, when you feel ready, you can submit your OM for review, then move on to take your Flight Operations Assessment.  ​Part 4 FOA is to be taken within 6 months of accessing the Online Learning System, and after having had OM approved.

Please contact IAM UAS Solutions directly to ask about applying for the 'Abbreviated Course’.

Flight Training

​IAM UAS Solutions also provides top-class, in-field UAV flight training and rental packages in conjunction with the CDP-C™ courses. 

​​​Next CDP-C™ Course, Hong Kong

25-26 May 2019

Chinese version handbook option now available


Scottcopters is delighted to announce that with effect from 6 April 2019, IAM UAS Solutions has taken over all certification and training for the CDP-C™ course in Hong Kong and can be contacted as follows:

IAM UAS Solutions
email: cdpc.admin@iam.org.hk
Tel: 2838 3882

For the time being, course applications can still be made via the online application form on this website, when applicants will be contacted by IAM UAS Solutions.


​​The CDP-C™ course and certification in Hong Kong, issued by The UAV Academy LTD from the UK, is designed to demonstrate your competency as a UAV pilot, to enable you or your organisation to support any application for permission for commercial aerial work to the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department (HKCAD), or any national aviation authority, according to the rules of that country, if you so wish. Certification will neither grant you a ‘pilot’s licence’ nor automatically grant you a permission to fly a UAV commercially in Hong Kong or worldwide.

The course is based on the UK course, but has been tailored to reflect the small differences in Hong Kong laws as compared with the UK laws. As such certification will enable successful operators to demonstrate the necessary competencies to the HKCAD, however you may still be required to undergo a short flight assessment with HKCAD staff. This should not prove difficult, having been through this course.

The CDP-C™ qualification you gain on successful completion of the course is ICAO and JARUS fully compliant and does not expire, so it is life-long. The UK CAA does have a pilot currency minimum and requires you to provide logbook evidence of 2 hours drone flying time in the last three months for each pilot when you submit your application to renew your Permission for Commercial Operations. The Hong Kong CAD only requires that a pilot keep a log book of their flying hours, which they should make available upon request. It may be kept in paper or electronic form. Scottcopters recommends pilots follow the UK CAA guidelines and keep logbook evidence of 2 hours flying time per quarter in order to maintain currency. Similarly, your operations manual should state your organisation's required flying time per year to be logged by pilots.

Applications from overseas pilots wanting to carry out commercial aerial work in the UK can be made directly to the UK CAA and are dependent on evidence of ‘pilot competency’ and location(s) where filming is to take place, and are considered individually on their own merit.

New legislation for UAS (Drones) in Hong Kong is being addressed now by an overseas consultant and Scottcopters has been giving detailed advice to the CAD through the advisory/consultancy process. It is widely anticipated and hoped that the CDP-C™ certification may be accepted as a proof of competency in it's own right in the future and resulting in a period permit to fly rather than individual permit-per-job as it currently stands. Scottcopters is constantly revising course materials to reflect new technologies, including proprietary and battery technology and sense-and-avoid systems.

The CDP-C™ certification can be attained by passing both a 2-day Ground School (theory) course, an Operations Manual (OM) review, and finally a Flight Operations Assessment (FOA). To encourage safe operation in this new industry the Ground School course is open to all those who are interested in the regulatory and operational environment for UAV/drones. Flight lessons are optional but highly encouraged and depend on the competency of the candidates. Training has been demonstrated to be the single greatest influence on flight safety.

Classroom training is carried out mostly on Hong Kong Island, and sometimes in Kowloon.

''At the beginning before the training I knew nothing about Drones/UAV/UAS; not to mention the maneuvering or flying UAV, I have never touched them before. However, after this intensive training, throughout the theory and practical training, not only did I learn the flying skills of UAV but also the most important thing is how to be a professional and an ethical commercial UAV pilot.''

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​​CDP-C™ Certified Drone Pilot - Commercial Course

CDP-C™ course:

  • Part 1 - Handbook & access to online student portal & mock exam for preparatory study
  • Part 2 - Two-day theory course and multiple choice Exam
  • Part 3 - Operations Manual (OM) submission & review
  • Part 4 - Flight Operations Assessment (FOA) taken within 6 months of Part 2 course, having had OM approved

Abbreviated CDP-C™ course (If you hold a current PPL, CPL or ATPL):

  • Part 1 - Handbook & access to online student portal, mock exam, completed by end of current two-day theory course
  • (Part 2 -  EXCLUDED Two-day theory course and Exam)
  • Part 3 - Operations Manual (OM) submission and review
  • Part 4 - Flight Operations Assessment (FOA) taken within 6 months of Part 1 access, having had OM approved
CDP-C™ Parts 1 & 2 - Preparation, Ground School (theory) course and Examination
CDP-C™ Parts 3 & 4 - Operations Manual (OM) assessment and Flight Operations Assessment (FOA) 

Other Service Fees

CDP-C™ Operations Manual compilation and advice on respective NAA permit applicationHK$3,500
CDP-C™ Part 2 - Examination retake at next available course date               HK$600
CDP-C™ Part 4 - Flight Operations Assessment (FOA) retakeHK$3,000


Flight Training Packages per student

(packages below are for indication only) Full details will be available on application/enquiry to cdpc.admin@iam.org.hk

A12 hrs UAV field training, working towards CDP-C™ FOA + UAV rental (2-4 students in group)HK$9,900 each
B6 hrs UAV field training, working towards CDP-C™ FOA. (2-4 students in group)HK$4,400 each
CUAV & battery rental for flight training 1 day (Mavic or Phantom 4) HK$1,100 each