Emergency and Urgent Use Cases

We will work through the night 24/7 to understand your issue be it a ship on fire, containers having overboard, or whether or not one of your clients is providing services in transportation and logistics as claimed. The data we provide will be backed up with evidence and a report if required.

We offer a precise aerial mapping service for the latest generation of orthomosaic photogrammetry maps and 3D models, primarily in the construction sector. These are used to check and verify a site prior to construction, as well as essential progress monitoring, including QA during construction and can produce precise, detailed maps and models to within millimetre XYZ accuracy with our SDK UAV systems.

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Our work is excellent. We promise. And behind that promise, we want you to know that we back our work with a satisfaction guarantee. Our UK pilot is CAA GVC Authorised and A2CofC certified) data delivery. We won't stop working until you are satisfied with what we've done. We work within the framework of the aviation law of the country in which we operate and only with certified pilots, tried and tested, using the most suitable equipment for the task you would have us undertake.