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Scottcopters provided a very special instructor. He kindly give me easy to understand examples better than other instructors. His lessons were very interesting and useful for me, so I was able to smoothly pass both the written exam and flight test. I am very thankful to have met this wonderful teacher.

​Tommy Tong - Aerial Mode Ltd

I have worked with the team members at Scottcopters and I have never come across anyone of its team that didn't help.  My company had planned to start a new activity including the UAS operation, thus I needed to pursue the commercial UAS qualification.   I knew very little about the subject.  I first turned to Scottcopters for training and in reality, the instructor Mr Nick Foxall viewed my needs, had instructed me efficiently and gave me the ability to pass my flight exams relatively easy.  He also helped me with his useful advice to deal with the successful writing of my Operations Manual after passing my theoretical exams.

The instructor of the theoretical requirement for the commercial UAS pilot qualification was an ideal instructor, with un-fathomed knowledge of the subject. He was able to transfer all the requirements to pass my theoretical exams in a very clear way, to give all practical/legal/ethical background that every UAS pilot needs,  and also to answer every possible question that was raised from case studies, accidents, technology/engineering aspects, software etc.  As an examiner (really tough and pragmatic) during my flight test, he explained to me the reasons and helped me to see the usefulness of all test requirements.  He is really valuable to anyone that comes in contact with him. Many thanks to Scottcopters and their team.  I appreciated your help.

Christos Konstantarakis
Ocean Engineering and Logistics Ltd

Thanks Scottcopters for your excellent and enthusiastic teaching! Everything smoothly explained with detail. Highly recommend!

Clara Leung


Thorough, professional and recognized. One of my best investments. Many thanks.

Dean H. - Causeway Bay​


I wanted to thank you for the kind support you have continued to give me since I passed the flight exam and qualified as a UAV pilot last year. This has been above and beyond what I could have expected. The two day course and flight exam were not only great value but most enjoyable and satisfying. The presentation was excellent, great attention to detail, both informative and entertaining.

You have also brought together a wonderful community of UAV enthusiast and professionals that you continue to support and support each other.

I would very much recommend anyone who is serious about flying UAV's to sign up for the CDP-C course.

Andrew Jackson - International News Agency

My company is looking into using UAVs for different applications such as 3D modelling and inspections. I recently participated in the theory course instructed a large scope of interesting topics related to UAVs. I highly recommend this course as it is very helpful in understanding the UAV market, current regulations and technical aspects. Passionate instructor who is delighted to share his strong knowledge and experience about UAVs. Following the theory course he helped advising my company on the best UAVs for our operations. I am looking forward to starting flying lessons with Scottcopters!

Ragnhei G - Hong Kong

Scottcopters provides professional commercial UAV pilot training, guides you through every single detail to grab hold of the whole picture of becoming a UAV pilot. They have great teachers with unparalleled deep knowledge and experience of flying, teaching in professional manner and sense of humour. Great time in the class, and hope to meet soon for the flight test!

Kenni Li Hiu Tsun - Hong Kong

Rating 9 out of 10 regarding the quality of the course and this is no overrating. 

Instructor was magnificent and professional who could explain all difficult stuff in a easy simple way.  The course was very serious and comprehensive.  I highly recommend all drone operators who want to enroll on  a UAV course to participate in the CDP-C course.  

Theory session helped all newcomers understanding basic aviation knowledge, geographical matters, relevant knowledge as well as legal matters.  Instructors were helpful when I was writing the Operations Manual in a very professional way. Throughout the flight training, it was very intensive; instructors were able to deliver all aspects of techniques gradually in accordance with each learners' ability.  Weakness of operators were pointed out and rectified immediately with particular relevant training provided.

In gist, learner acquired all required techniques and knowledge even within 2 full days of classroom lecture and three days of actual flight training.  I promise you will be proficient in operating the UAV with participation in the course.